A poem. A feeling. An outlook.

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Photo by Ben Warren on Unsplash

It is a place

That not all of us get to go,

And those who see it

Become something else.

Don’t get it wrong,

It is a beautiful place to see.

It is beautiful in its essence and purity,

In its harshness and intensity,

In its unavoidability and certainty.

I wouldn’t wish to go back,

For once I was there

Everything fell into perspective.

I wouldn’t wish to go back.

Even though it became harder to play,

It became easier to discern.

And even though I wouldn’t wish to go back,

I look at those who’ve never been there

With avid eyes.

Because even though I wouldn’t wish to go back,

I would wish life could be

That simple.

I’ve always been a clever girl, never had problems with any subject in school and had good friends. I felt comfortable in class and never had any trouble with exams or presentations.

But I would never ask questions.

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Photo by Garidy Sanders on Unsplash

I would prefer to run the risk of doing things wrong than to ask for clarifications. I would prefer to do an extensive amount of extra research than to ask for help. The fear of sounding stupid and asking the wrong questions always got the best of me.

As I grew up it got a little bit better. I grew confident enough…

Today I was complaining in my head about how I let myself eat non-healthy things, even after I had decided I wasn’t going to, and that led me into asking myself a simple question: Juliana, why is it important for you not to eat those things? Remember that next time.

And the answer that poped into my head was a lot more complex than I expected.

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14km trek in Lào Cai Province, Vietnam (11/2018).

Everyday we lose ourselves a little bit.

We lose ourselves among all the information that hits us all the time in our newly globalized world, not giving our mind some time to think for…

Juliana Fraislebem

Someone who wants more everyday. More focus, more knowledge, more self awareness, more energy, more synergy, more creativity, more love. There is no limit.

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